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Since moving back to the US from France I’ve had almost no time at all to paint. Things have been mildly more relaxed and I have the itch again. I made this frog and green abstract thingers purely for decoration in the apartment, but hopefully I’ll be working on something more substantial.

The idea of these two was a hazy look at a green field. Wind, grass, and relaxation. They are hung next to each other in my living room,  with the “wind” blowing the grass in different directions.

I have been trying to work on something that is just

not coming out, so I’ve had a lot of extra paint…

and these little guys are the result.

As soon as I saw these dreamy looking flowers I thought to myself that I wanted to lie in a field of them, so this is my contribution to ‘s challenge.

I ended up really liking the idea, and doing another one with some lovely purple flowers that are sprouting up in my front yard.

When I work on things, sometimes I end up with too much paint because I have to keep mixing my acrylics to get just the right shades of the colors I want. I can’t stand to waste paint so I end up making little mini things, usually little birds, and fish, but lately lots of jellyfish! I really liked these two in particular.

“Rainy Day Reading w/ Orchids”

This is the last of the swirling sky/ domestic scene/ up-close object set (for now). That set includes “Milk & Hyacinth” and “Bath in Sun & Candle-light.”

This is unfinished, but I need to put it down for a while before I fix little details and decide if anything else needs to be added.

“The Choice”

This is a messianic depiction to me, inspired somewhat by images of the christ and his disciples together.The group of women is in a dark place which I see as secret, like the sacred caves of olden tribes. Their clothing is largely concealing and blends into the darkness. I did not want sexualized or even beautiful women.

The messiah figure (as I see her) is the young woman in red, although she is not central. The image is not about her, but the moment of her choice-making. She is holding a golden pear… Yes, I figured it was about time to attach something to the name I’ve used for so long. Also…well…Eve ate an apple that condemned her, and Persephone ate a pomegranate which condemned her… this image is a representation of a choice.

These two are mostly the result of trying out individual strokes to evoke movement.

The first one I made as a gift.

Right now I’m working on a series of ideas about creating images for “new” or different myth. The images themselves have no history or reference, although they may be inspired by other myths since they come from someone familiar with them. I have my own story for each, but that doesn’t matter.

“Allegory of the Void”

This is titled after my own perception. The way I see it, despite science, at some point something must have come from nothing. So the allegory is that of the birth of “something-ness” [represented by the child] from the void.

Why is the child in a weird space-plant? The void is nothingness, it can’t have it’s own womb. But it is connected by a cord, which nourishes the child. The void is itself attached to the plant. What is the plant? Don’t know, but the image was a very insistent one. A sun burns on one side and a black hole slowly consumes it on the other, and this is my version of balance.

Acrylic/ canvas

This isn’t officially titled, but it’s sort of inspired by Klimt’s “Tree of Life.”

“Sort of” because I didn’t start it with that in mind, I just wanted the black and white contrast, and then I decided I needed to add people.

Background is entirely black, three layers of it.

Tree is entirely white. All “shadowing” is purely texture and layers of paint. For this reason this was the most time-consuming part of this project.

People are gray (done in a mixture black and white, in other words)

What is “people-made,”  the clothing is in color. I don’t know if it’s  symbolic.

I felt that people, like the tree and “earth” the tree is in/on, were beyond color, but not the garments that cover the people. The tree has no leaves, so I decided the people should have no hair, to emphasize their connection.

Done in acrylic on canvas.

“Linnea at the Moulin Rouge”

This is my beautiful roommate! I did this to play around with my new watercolors. I haven’t used watercolors in 5 years, so I’m a little rusty, lol.